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Artificial drying equipment for grain drying fundamentals and analysis of advantages and disadvantages

Introduction of high-yielding crop varieties and improvement of the agricultural mechanization, is now likely to harvest a lot of food, high water content in a very short period of time. In humid tropical and subtropical regions, because of unfavourable weather conditions during the harvest season, is often difficult to maintain product quality. In order to meet the need to increase agricultural production and, therefore, it is necessary to dry the product in a relatively short period of time, regardless of environmental conditions. Therefore, there is need for artificial drying.

Artificial drying method including grain is exposed to be heated to a certain degree of special devices known as "drying equipment" air plenum. Artificial drying machine, in its structure, the basic elements of the drying equipment is:

1. containing grain dryers to be dry, hot air generator, which allows dry air heated; breathing machine that allows the flow of dry air through the grain quality.

2. the artificial drying of grain, two dryers use: not static or continuous drying equipment continuous dryer.

The former is cheaper, and only a moderate amount of grain, so they are more suited to the product collection and treatment centre for small and medium scale needs. With regard to the latter, which requires a more complicated infrastructure of high flow machine, equipment, first of all, planning and organization, so they are more suitable for the Center, the silo or warehouse, where very large quantities of processed products.