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Choose a suitable drying equipment is important

Varieties of drying equipment and drying methods are varied, and material to be dried is also very diverse, select suitable drying material drying equipment and drying intent weapon is very important.

(1) drying material drying equipment selection should be according to the shape of the material when wet, heat sensitivity, liquidity, and are susceptible to damage and other features to choose. Agricultural wet status Shi of shape about can is divided into liquid, as milk,, can selection spray dry equipment; particles-like shape, as grain,, its liquidity good and resistance rub, can selection Tower type high temperature dry equipment, also can used low temperature dry equipment to made better of quality; has must size shape of, as mushrooms, and fungus, and chrysanthemum,, its shape easy was damaged, should be used stop status Xia of dry equipment, as cabinet type dry equipment, and flat bed type dry equipment, and far infrared dry equipment,.

(2) economic conditions, economic conditions, the choice of drying equipment with microcomputer automatic control, these machines simply set the drying program, you can automatically dry.