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Drying equipment and drying equipment difference

Dry equipment General can understanding for can dry products of equipment, it concern of is "dry" of results, not is dry of process, like microwave dry machine, it stressed of is with microwave to dry of results and not process, so dry equipment General Shang can understanding for can "dry" products of any equipment, including "low temperature dry equipment", "high temperature gaozao equipment", "dried equipment", "dehydration equipment", "dry equipment", "frozen dry equipment", anyway regardless of is any way, any method, Dry product can be called drying equipment.

Drying equipment? Its emphasis is "dry", is a method or process of drying, which place the product at a certain temperature, so it is subject to the environmental temperature "dry", get the drying results. For example, microwave drying equipment, it stressed that is provided by microwave temperature of drying temperature on the product, its emphasis is "dry" process.

So drying is a method of drying, drying equipment is just one drying equipment, it is dried a drying method of drying equipment in the equipment. Might say, drying equipment includes drying equipment and drying equipment is just one of many drying equipment common drying equipment, they are included and are recorded.