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How the latest drying equipment selection right

The first classification is based on the method of heat transfer. (A) conduction heating; (b) convection heating, (c) heating, (d) microwave and dielectric heating. Freeze drying is not part of the above, can freeze dried to separate, because it is a special case. The second classification is based on the dry container types. Such as pallets, drum, fluidized bed, gas or liquid spray. There is also a classification according to the physical shape of the raw material.

Further subdivision, can also be classified according to the drying time, such as: residence time within 1 minute Flash, spray, drum drying equipment; stay for more than an hour of tunnels, small carts or belt type drying equipment.

Here to show you how to select the drying equipment by raw material form.

Belt type drying equipment: brittle, crystalline particles, sheets, fibers, molding articles.

Flash drying equipment: centrifugal filter, filter cake, cake powder, granules and fibers.

Fluidized bed drying equipment: solution, paste, centrifugal separation filter cake, filter cakes, powders, granules, flakes.

Drum drying equipment: centrifugal filter cake, filter cake, powder, granules, flakes and fibers.