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Wood drying equipment working principle

Drying process takes a lot of heat, in order to save energy, some material with high moisture content, containing solid substances in suspension or half through mechanical dehydration or heat the solution evaporates, drying in the dryer to get the dry solids.

Need complete heat in the drying process and quality (wet) passed to ensure the material surface moisture vapor partial pressure (density) above wet-steam-pressure in the external space, ensure the heat source temperature is higher than the temperature.

Heat from high temperature heat sources in a variety of ways to the wet material, the surface temperature is higher than the temperature of the material.

Surface and internal moisture content of the material differences. Internal moisture to the surface diffusion and vaporization, material moisture content decreases, through the drying of items as a whole.

Material drying rate depends on the surface evaporation rate and diffusion rate of internal moisture. Usually dry early of dry rate by surface vaporization rate control; then, as long as dry of external conditions not variable, material of dry rate and surface temperature that keep stable, this stage called constant speed dry stage; Dang material wet content reduced to a a degree, internal wet points to surface diffusion rate reduced, and is less than surface vaporization rate Shi, dry rate that main by internal diffusion rate decided, and with wet content of reduced and constantly reduced, this stage called speed dry stage.

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