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Automatic Filters Gradually Widely Used In The Pharmaceutical Field

Automatic filters are based on traditional filtration equipment greatly enhance the level of automation and control equipment, is an advanced, efficient, and easy to operate fully automatic filtration unit. Automatic filters applied more and more widely in the pharmaceutical sector in recent years.

Automatic filter as filtration equipment, application in the pharmaceutical field, mainly in water, emulsion, liquid filtration, purification, enhance the quality of medicines, pharmaceutical companies meet the new GMP standards in production standards.

It is understood that the automatic filter consists of English, stainless steel strainer, emission, transmission device and electric control parts, when import and export filters impurities increases the differential pressure set value, driving back flushing mechanism, adsorbed on the particles of impurities on the inner walls within the filter with the flow into rang and discharge from the drain valve. When filter pressure difference of imports and exports back to normal or timer set time ended, the entire process, materials flow, back wash water consumption to realize continuous, automated production.

Equipment with a high degree of automation, high efficiency, low energy consumption, simple operation and installation and other significant advantages of these advantages in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other needs in the area of rapid growth, has formed a good momentum of development.

At present, the pharmaceutical industry is in a stage of rapid development, industry continues to expand the scale, while the production of standards also have been significantly improved. Pharmaceutical industry toward "green" goals, also called on the industry to develop more high energy saving and emission reduction goals. High-performance, low-cost automated filtration equipment became one of the production equipment. Filters must continue upgrading, improving product performance, in order to win broader space for development.