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Drug Industry Raised Under Weightlessness Mixer

In recent years, with the development of pharmaceutical machinery industry requires constant upgrading, are faced with upgrading of the equipment, are constantly improving technology, under weightlessness mixer is high demand generated by a device.

Particle and solvent as an important link in the pharmaceutical process, so mixing equipment plays an important role in the pharmaceutical industry. It is known that weightlessness mixer is fully convective mixing principle, namely the use of materials in the parabolic motion flow layer is formed on the mixer, resulting in instant weight loss, making it the best mixing effect. Weightlessness mixer can be roughly divided into two categories are ordinary weightlessness mixer, mixer for a gravity-free flying, the latter mainly devoted to materials containing fibers after flying off a kind of remix.

No gravity mixed machine horizontal tube body with double axis rotating reverse of pulp leaves, pulp leaves into must angle will material along axis to, and radial cycle turned stirred, makes material quickly mixed uniform; for reduced equipment easy loss pieces of replaced cost, paddle leaves leaves can made two tablets type, in leaves base Shang pad a can mobile small leaves, can directly replaced wear of small leaves, economic shortcut; out material form General for pneumatic turned Board valve, arc valve close embedded tube within, and tube within wall flush, no material stacked and mixed corner phenomenon; Divided into standard has opened a small door, large door openings into the tube, feeding clean and efficient, less residue.

Reducer driven shaft rotation speed and gravity blade structure would make the material less, as the lack of gravity, the material particle size, the proportion of poor in the difference in the mixing process is ignored. Vigorous stirring motion to shorten the time of mixing, more quickly and more efficiently. Even if the differences in density, grain size of materials, in staggered mixing blade quick violent churning under the shed, can also achieve good mixing effect.

With the development of the pharmaceutical industry, mix market development prospect of equipment in the field of medicine is unpredictable, businesses continue to move forward, to achieve long-term development, therefore, related production company towards automation, sterile way.