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Drying Equipment For Several Common Auxiliary Heat Source Equipment

Drying equipment for several common auxiliary heat source equipment

Heat source

Drying, drying without heat, but due to the material to be dried is more complex, the heat source and heat source device has different requirements, once after drying down, heat selection according to the. Wood drying equipment and drying equipment auxiliary heat source equipment types and heat transfer equipment determines to a large extent in the form of equipment operating costs and production costs, so drying equipment technical and economic indicators of not only depends on the drying equipment of the reasonable design and operation, and to a large extent also closely associated with the chosen heat source equipment and use.

Selection of heat source

Dry heat common fuels include solid fuels, liquid fuels, gas fuel, such as heat carrier and power. In particular there are a variety of products of combustion (coal, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, combustible chemicals) products of combustion with air, steam, hot water, electrical energy (Dawson oil and so on). Heat content selection should be considered, mainly concentrated in the following areas:

1) meet the requirements of product quality. The heating temperature, cleanliness of the heat source has a great effect on product quality;

2) meet the requirements of environmental protection. Burning heat in the combustion process will produce odors or fumes, emissions to the atmosphere will cause pollution, such a heat source should be used cautiously.

3) economical and easy to get. The heat source should be reset due to the selection of appropriate, taking into account both the cost of heat, but also easy to access.

4) is safe and reliable. This is the direct-fired heat source more important, some of wood drying equipment is dry materials flammable, explosive or easily oxidized, dealing with such items use indirect heat source of heat, use direct-fired with special flame or explosion-proof.

5) easy to operate. Selected the heat source as possible facilitates the operation and automatic control, in order to ensure product quality stability.

The type of heat source

1, steam coal hot water power 4, 3, 2, 5, 6 fuel, combustible gas