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How To Choose The Suitable Drying Equipment

1, we should be aware of some physical characteristics of the material: for example, drying, moisture content, particle size, viscosity, flammability, and so on

Taking into account.

2, material drying equipment, energy problems, material is similar to the previous methods of drying or drying methods, this is done before the reference

Mentioned factors.

3, the drying rate is high only the drying rate, highly dispersed in the hot air convection drying materials, critical moisture content is low, the drying rate

Fast and convection drying, drying method of critical water content is different, thus the drying rate is also different.

4, investment-low energy consumption energy consumption indicators by different drying methods and conductive style dryer heat efficiency theoretically could reach

100%, convection drying only about 70%. Accomplish the same functions of drying equipment, sometimes the cost difference, should choose the lowest bids


5, the commercial value of the item as well as the influence of the drying effect, low running costs and equipment depreciation, energy, labor, Victoria

Repair costs, spare parts and other operating costs as low as possible.

6, applicability of drying equipment must first apply to a specific item, and meet the basic requirements of dry material, including good

Materials (feeding, conveying, Fluidization, dispersion, heat transfer, discharge, etc), and can handle volume, dehydration, product quality

And other basic requirements.

7, preferred structure is simple, spare parts supply, high reliability, long service life of the dryer.

8, in line with the requirements of environmental protection, good working conditions, high security. Dust emissions, noise, and vibration conditions such as pollution limits.

9, before the selection of the best materials and dry tests, in-depth understanding of similar materials already in use dryer (advantages and disadvantages), often

On selection of appropriate help.

10, do not rely on past experience, pay attention to absorb new technology, listen to expert opinion.

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