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Large Drying Equipment Industry Competition Pattern Change

With market diversified economic development, China large dry equipment now has basic achieved flexible, and composite processing, future main to development large combined composite processing dry equipment for development direction, that by two Taiwan main unit synthesis composite processing dry equipment, because need large dry equipment completed of processing parts more for single pieces small bulk, its process complex, auxiliary time and processing cycle long, by a Taiwan dry equipment completed all processing process by limit, and by two Taiwan combination processing center on completely can achieved.

Large drying equipment manufacturing industry in the world the competitive landscape is changing, mainly reflected in the concentration of suppliers, product technology gaps are getting smaller, user needs to highlight market demand by developing qualitative requirements on large drying equipment products with high technical requirements. In the 1990 of the 20th century, the famous gate, converting a large manufacturers have some foreign, particularly world-leading Germany large drying equipment manufacturing industry, recession due to a long-term recession of the drying equipment in the world market, the world's largest drying equipment rivals weakened, large drying equipment industry development situation in China can be said to be a good

With the changes in market demand, domestic drying equipment industry competition was broken, manufacturers have developed from a few to dozens of manufacturers and product technology has developed rapidly, compared with foreign products, the gap is smaller, and heavy equipment industry in China's development and progress, and the world's attention.