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Market Demand Drying Equipment Required To Enhance Technological Innovation

In recent years, food drying equipment in the domestic market share in China has amounted to more than 80% are now drying equipment mainly used in food, agro-processing, pharmaceutical, mining and metallurgy, chemical, forest products, light industry, ceramic industry, especially for food, fruit, pepper, drying up an important role.

Most of the foods are wet materials containing large amounts of water, food as a commodity and if too much moisture can cause microorganisms life activity, and lead to corruption or shorten the shelf life of foods food and increased transportation costs. Food processing includes sorting of raw materials, crushing, separation, mixing units, many processes such as sterilization, refrigeration and drying and drying process is a key part of ensuring food quality. Food drying, can prevent the reproduction of microorganisms in food, easy to store, at the same time reduces the volume and weight of food, thereby reducing transportation costs.

In recent years, increased demand for food drying equipment. Especially larger telecommunication equipment, vacuum freeze-drying equipment with functions (such as granulation-dry, dry-filtering) equipment, such as growing demand, high automation drying equipment in some areas of application are also very popular. In addition, the appearance of the drying equipment of good quality, corrosion-resistant ability, long service life of corrosive materials drying equipment is also subject to special attention from the enterprise.

Dry equipment most often application of field is pharmaceutical and food, this two a field on dry equipment of requirements relative high, on by with dry equipment of material, and structure and the processing quality are has specific requirements, on dry equipment and the dry system also has strictly of health index requirements, so, need constantly through technological innovations, meet application field constantly upgrade of needs, this is China dry equipment industry breakthrough development must go of road. But at this stage, China's drying equipment manufacturing enterprises ' innovation capability is generally lower, new techniques and new products to its own intellectual property firms woefully low, leading to slow development of drying technology. The root cause is insufficient level of technological innovation and industry should be in the technical direction, increased automation, manufacturing processes and material aspects of a design study.

At present, China's drying equipment only at the price of similar foreign products less than half the other hand, due to the large volume of drying equipment, most involving on-site installation, commissioning and after-sales service and so on. For domestic users, so, good choice of packaging machinery and equipment manufacturers to ensure that your equipment is running a more reliable, more energy-efficient long-running.