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Select The Conditions Of Drying Equipment

1, material properties and drying characteristics

1) material form

Large molded wood, ceramic and laminated, fibrous, granular, fine powder paste and liquid materials, is industrial drying is required on all items. Choose the drying equipment should be based on the item's form.

2) various physical characteristics of materials

Including density, bulk density, particle size distribution, heat capacity and material adhesion properties. Adhesion properties of high and low, for feeding and some form of dryer's work has a big impact, sticking to the wall when drying process could not be (such as slime, sludge, pay special attention to materials such as plaster dries).

3) properties of materials in drying process of

Includes heating of heat-sensitive, some heat discoloration and decomposition of material metamorphic. In addition, body products materials during drying shrinkage cracking or deformation, so that the products of lower quality, or even scrapped.

4) material combined with the water State

It determines the ease of drying and energy consumption levels and the length of required residence time in the drying equipment, the selection has a lot to do. For example, hard dry material is mainly a longer travel time, rather than strengthening the external conditions of drying.

2 the drying product requirements

1) requirements for dry products

In some cases this is of particular importance. Such as in food drying, on the geometry of the product requirement is whether the key to bringing the product moisture to drying requirements. Such as washing powder, dyestuff and so on to facilitate instant and avoid dust, select must apply the spray granulation drying machine appliance.

2) on the drying uniformity of requirements

3) health requirements for products

4) special requirements for products

Such as coffee, mushrooms, dried vegetables and fruits, require products to maintain its special fragrance, it is not possible using high temperature and rapid drying.

3, moisture fluctuation of moisture before drying and dehydration

Into the drying equipment material moisture should as far as possible to avoid large fluctuations, if the content is large, will enable the dryer output down or drying products do not meet water requirements, if moisture gets smaller, exports rising temperature, excessive drying of products, not only reduces thermal efficiency of equipment, sometimes the product temperature rise, thus affecting product quality.