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cassava dryer machine

  • Spice Drying Machine

    Contact NowSpice Drying MachineWhat is KINKAI heat pump spice drying machine? KINKAI third generation heat pump dryer is a device that transfers heat from a colder area (ambient temperature) to a hotter area (drying chamber) by usi

  • Tomato Drying Machine

    Contact NowTomato Drying MachineKINKAI tomato drying machine Technical Data ModelUnitJK03RDJK06RDJK10RDJK12RDPower SupplyV/PH/HZ220/1/50 380/3/50380/3/50380/3/50380/3/50Power InputKW4.88.513.515Rated CurrentA22A(220V) 9.6A(38

  • Apple Drying Machine

    Contact NowApple Drying MachineWhat is KINKAI Apple Drying Machine?KINKAI Heat pump dryer is use of reverse Carnot principle .With free air to absorb heat and transfer it to the drying chamber, drying room temperature to achieve im

  • Flower Drying Machine

    Contact NowFlower Drying MachineFeatures of KINKAI flower drying machine: We focus on Heat Pump Dryers more than ten years 1. New design idea--Three times waste heat recovery; 2. Adopt heat regenerators to dehumidify; 3. Adopt touch