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mango dryer factory

  • Heat Pump Dryer

    Contact NowHeat Pump DryerWhat Is KINKAI Heat Pump Dryer? KINKAI Heat pump dryer is use of reverse Carnot principle .With free air to absorb heat and transfer it to the drying chamber, drying room temperature to achieve improv

  • Fish Drying Machine

    Contact NowFish Drying MachineKINKAI Fish Drying Machine Introduction: KINKAI third generation heat pump fish drying machine is a device that transfers heat from a colder area(ambient temperature) to a hotter area(drying chamber)

  • Herb Drying Machine

    Contact NowHerb Drying MachineKINKAI heat pump herb drying machine introduction: KINKAI heat pump dryer takes advantage of the reversed Carnot principle, absorbing the heat from around and sending the heat to the materials which w