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meat dehydrator

  • Fish Drying Machine

    Contact NowFish Drying MachineKINKAI Fish Drying Machine Introduction: KINKAI third generation heat pump fish drying machine is a device that transfers heat from a colder area(ambient temperature) to a hotter area(drying chamber)

  • Meat Drying Machine

    Contact NowMeat Drying MachineWorking principle with KINKAI meat dryer machine: 1.Our dryer evaporator of refrigerant absorb the hot air from outside 2.then compressor works made the hot air temperature rise 3.Then heat exchanger

  • Herb Drying Machine

    Contact NowHerb Drying MachineKINKAI heat pump herb drying machine introduction: KINKAI heat pump dryer takes advantage of the reversed Carnot principle, absorbing the heat from around and sending the heat to the materials which w